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Agrigento is located in the western coast of Sicily and 120 km away from Ragusa. The history of this amazing town goes back to the Greeks, founders of this particular area. Mainly renowned for the Temples Valley, an Unesco World Heritage site since 1997. The town of Agrigento is a living example of the grandeur of the Greek Empire (Magna Grecia) in Sicily.
Firstly, the Temples Valley is a must to see of Agrigento, being the world’s largest archaeological site with an area of 1.300 hectars of land, in which have been found the ruins of 12 temples in Doric style, 3 sanctuaries and 1 necropolis. 7 temples are still in exeptional condition: the temple of Giunone (450 B.C. Temple used for wedding cerimonies), the temple of Concord, the temple of Eracle, the temple of Zeus, the temple of Castore and Polluce, the temple of Vulcano and the temple of Esculapio, there is also the tomb of Terone built to remember those who fell in the Second Punic War.
Stunning is the view from elevated ground of the Valley from which is possible to sight the deep blue of the Mediterrenean sea at the background and the pictureque blossoms of almond trees.
 Amongst the numerous churches to visit in Agrigento there is the church of San Francesco di Paola constructed in 1789 on which ceiling is portrayed the Saint himself along with the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ holdind the cross, above all the Eternal Father.
The Cathedral of San Gerlando (Patron of the Town) is considered the main place of worship of the entire town. Unique is the Bell Tower that presents Gothic, Catalan and Arab-Norman features .It took over 200 year to finally complete this church of which construction had started around 1100. 
The church of Santa Maria Dei Greci, which was one of the first Christian buildings after the Muslim domination. Built on the columns of a Greek temple. Before entering in the church stands a magnific portal with the coat of arm of the powerful Pujades family dating back the 15th century.
The Regional Archaeological Museum is one of the most visited museums in Sicily enstablished in 1960. Inside there are mainly Greek founds and related things, like the Agora and the Monastery.
The Museo Diocesiano, founded in 1873, is inside the building of the residence of the Archbishop , entirely dedicated to the history of Agrigentinean Church from the XII to XIX Century.