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Chiaramonte Gulfi

Chiaramonte Gulfi is a village of 8.000 inhabitant 18km far from Ragusa. It was founded by the Greek-Syracusan (in the name of Arkillae) but soon it was destroyed by the Arabs. Built again (getting the name of Gulfi) and devastated by the Angevins. Finally by Manfredi Chiaramonte, who erected the city again, Chiaramonte that is the new name, became part of the “Contea of Modica” until the 1693’ s earthquake which razed it to ground. Afterwards, in 1881 the city got is actual name Chiaramonte Gulfi by Regio Decreto in memory of the old name.
The road which goes from Ragusa to Chiaramonte Gulfi is immersed in the countryside, where is easy to see many farms called “
Masserie” divided by the old stone walls “Muri a secco”. Built, stone by stone, this is a real art for your eyes.
Most of the commercial activities in town are related to the agriculture, in particular to the oil farming, in
fact is still possible to see the old olive-press “trappeti” in the fields. From these a great olive oil DOP can be bought in the numerous shops and farms.
Chiaramonte Gulfi is also considered the “balcony of Sicily” due to the wonderful view of the Etna, MontiIblei, golf of Gela and Caltagirone that can be admired from different sites.
Nearby, is also worth to make a stop at the pine grove which is a nice and quite place specially for families with kids as there are animals.