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Noto (50km)

At approximately 50 Km from Ragusa Ibla, arises the town of Noto, an UNESCO Heritage site. After the devastating earthquake of 1693 the town was entirely ruibuilt in Baroque style and relocated into a different area. Centre of the city is The Town Hall Square where stands the Cathedral of San Nicola and Corrado and Ducezio’s Palace which houses the town hall’s institution.  Numerous are the baroque buildings which  deserve particular admiration along  Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Least but no last the magical “Infiorata”, a welcoming ceremony of Spring but also a tribute to flowers used as medium of artworks all along the streets of the city centre. Very importanti to visiti s also The Civil Museum of Noto which holds several archeological findings.
Finally, reaching XVI Maggio Square, stands Villetta D’Ercole where there are two important neighbouring buildings ;The Theatre and The Church of San Domenico both considered masterpieces of the 18th Century.