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piazza armerina

Piazza Armerina is a town located 65 km north-east from Ragusa. It is  very well known place for its Roman mosaics, characteristic suburbs made of nets of alleys and the baroque buildings such as; Trigona Palace and the Aragonese  Castle. Piazza Armerina has four medieval suburbs where every year several events take place like The Vessillo della Patrona (Maria SS Delle Vittorie) an historycal rievocation of the Normand horse race held, in August.
In 1950, thanks to the archeologist Gino Vinici, who decided to start excavation, lead to the discovery of Villa Romana Del Casale. The historical discovery was subsequently dated around the IV Century supposedly belonging to a weatlhy Roman family. The Villa is a magnific rural habitation decorated with amazing mosaics on which are represented scenes of the grandeur and aristocratic lifestyle lead by the owners of the villa itself. The mosaics show the following main themes; The Homeric Epic tales, the Nature with its flora and fauna references and finally the aristocratic lifestyle. Observing these mosaics it is possible to assume the presence of african hand crafters or artists that obviously influenced the art of that time. The building was composed of four areas: The Entrance has a U shape, the central part of the Villa goes all around the courtyard, a large room with three apses (trichora) preceded by an elliptical colonnade and the terme (baths). Many are the things to see; the terme room, the entrance courtyard , the vestibolo and and the peristilio, the rest rooms , the room dedicated to the skill of hunting “Piccola Caccia” and “ Grande Caccia”and the room of “Palestrite”, the Patronal apartmentes with the mosaic of Ulisses and Polifemo.