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Syracusa is located in the south-east of Sicily and it is 85km far from Ragusa. The history of the city is thousand-years old. Infact it was one the biggest metropolis of the Classical Age, homeland of artists and scientists like Archimede.
After the catastrophic earthquake of 1693 the city centre got a new baroque style that can be admired today.
Syracusa is partially expanded in the island of Ortigia and on the mainland. The island is pleanty of ancient nobiliar Palaces and a labyrinth of narrow streets with sea view make this place unique.
Syracusa is considered one of the most important European art city and of course is in the list of the UNESCO .
Apollodium (Apollo’s temple), the oldest Doric temple of Sicily, from the 6th century AD located at the entrance of Ortigia.
Archimede square, near the Apollodium, famous for the beautiful Fontana Diana. From here is easy to reach Piazza Duomo where is locate the Chatedral and important baroque buildings.
This square is an architectural gem, magnific to visit during the day and sunset.
The Duomo, this religious building is located in the northen part of the island. The particularity of this incredible place is that it was built on the ancient foundation of an old doric temple which can be admired inside. This is the symbol of the city.
In the square of Piazza Duomo there are other elegant buildings like the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia with a beautiful baroque facada meanwhile the gate and balcony are made in wrought iron.
From Piazza Duomo with a short and relax walk are easy to reach Fonte Aretusa, a suggestive old Spring with his water coming out from a a cave. The nice garden of Villa Aretusa and the regional gallery of Palazzo Bellomo, which looks after Annunciazione of Antonello da Messina.
Syracusa is an ecletic city, in fact you can also enjoy the clear water of the lungomare Alfeo and get to one of the most beautiful caste of Sicily. Nearby, the archeological park Neapolis is an open space museum with Greek-Roman architectures. Il add, cannot be missed the Greek theatre, Roman amphitheater and Dionisio’s ear.
Nice to visit is the “Museo Aretuso dei Pupi” a mix of Sicilian tradition.